Kathy Miller Perkins


Kathy Miller Perkins is a psychologist and the CEO of Miller Consultants – an organization innovation company that focuses on helping companies succeed by translating purpose and vision into actions to attract talent, engage people, and inspire innovation. She founded Miller Consultants to make a difference in the work lives of people through the workplaces that employ them.

Over the past 30-plus years, she has had the privilege of working with the most admired and well-known companies worldwide, including Toyota, Brown-Forman, Dow, and Procter and Gamble, to name a few. She has witnessed people thriving when they understand how their work contributes to their company’s success and society’s well-being.

Working collaboratively with national and international clients, she builds vibrant cultures to support purpose, develops transformational leaders who collaborate and innovate, and increases organizations’ capacity for change.

She is a Professor of Practice at Virginia Tech Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability. She is the author of Leadership and Purpose: How to Create a Sustainable Culture, published by Routledge Press. In addition, she has published articles in the MIT Sloan Management Review, Harvard Business Press, Inside Supply Management, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance and Journal of Corporate Citizenship. In 2015, she and George Serafeim of the Harvard Business School coauthored a chapter on Chief Sustainability Officers for the Oxford University Press book Sustainability and Change.